What to look for when borrowing money?

They say loans are quick and easy. Unfortunately, it is worse with commitment, i.e. with repayment. Unfortunately, this is true, for many people timely payment of installments is not so easy and pleasant. To a large extent, the problem results from choosing the wrong offer. That is why today we will try to pay attention to the most important things that are important when choosing an online loan or bank loan .

We choose a quick loan over the internet

We choose a quick loan over the internet

There are many possibilities here, it results from the fact that there are a lot of loan companies operating on the financial market in Poland. Types of loans can be divided into two types: the first are quick loans for up to 45 days , the second are long-term loans, or installments. Each loan has parameters that are important, because thanks to them we can immediately assess whether the offer is cheap or expensive.

The APRC is the most important factor – the actual annual interest rate. It says how much more we will have to pay back as fees and interest. In a word, the lower the APRC, the better – then the loan is cheaper . This can be easily seen with short-term loans that are on offer. Most often, the first loan is for free, i.e. one granted to a new customer – a person who first uses the services of a given lender. For such people and promotional loans the cost of APRC is 0%, it is a completely free offer, i.e. how much money you borrow, you have to pay back on time. If you do this, you will not pay any additional interest or costs. This is the perfect option for quick and cheap, and basically free borrowing money.

The situation is different for long-term loans, here the costs are a little higher, because we can borrow a larger sum of money for a longer period of time . We settle our commitment in convenient installments (hence the name installment loans – which you will find on the instant web portal), every month. Here also the APRC parameter is presented and this parameter should be as low as possible. The lower its value, the cheaper it is and, as a result, easier repayment.

It’s always worth thinking about how much money you really need. If not a lot, let’s borrow a smaller amount. In a word – it’s not worth borrowing to spare. Why? The cost of higher loans increases, the second thing is, if for some reason you do not pay the amount due, you will receive penalty interest and you know the larger the loan, the higher the interest. That is why it is always good to borrow exactly as much as we really need.

Experts say that thanks to reasonable budget planning and the use of promotions such as free loans. You can realize more of your plans much faster without incurring high costs. More and more Poles are choosing this way to make their dreams come true faster.

We choose an online bank cash loan

We choose an online bank cash loan

Here, as in the case of online loans, an important parameter is the APRC, which tells us about the cost of the loan. However, in the case of bank offers, there are often additional fees that you also have to consider. Namely, the first is the bank commission, which is really a fee, for the fact that we want to take a loan at all. Another additional cost is insurance for the loan , very often you can find offers without insurance, but in most banks at least basic insurance is required (it protects us and the bank in the event of unforeseen situations, i.e. sudden illness or job loss). These two issues can significantly increase installment costs.

Also the interest rate is one of the most important components, here the lower it is, the better. (attractive loan offers can be found on the portal polecane-kredyty.pl) Sometimes you can find bank promotions and then you can really count on low interest rates, which translates into much lower installments and the overall cost of credit.

Pay attention to:

  • credit cost
  • its interest rate and APRC
  • additional charges such as insurance or commission / preparation fee

The advantage of bank loans, which more and more often can also be taken online, i.e. without having to visit a bank branch, is a higher loan amount and a longer loan period. Such credit can reach up to USD 120,000 spread over 60 months or 5 years. We have recently seen an increase in loans for higher amounts in Poland. This is probably due to the fact that Poles plan to make larger investments and simply need more cash. Having a stable and stable job and good income, a bigger loan is not a big problem.

Pay attention to these key features and the loan will be cheap

That’s right, choosing and deciding on a cheap offer, whether from a loan company or bank, we can save a lot. Late repayment of installments will also not be so difficult. Sometimes it is worth spending a moment more to choose a good loan and most importantly cheap. This will help you gain a lot and make repayment easier.

Our blog presents both bank cash loans and quick online loans. We encourage you to read them and make a good choice. All formalities can be done conveniently online!